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Slater Middle School

Slater Middle School is home to Mr. Sanders and Mrs. King's wicked awesome 7th & 8th Graders. 


Mr. Sanders and Mrs. King LOVE their jobs! They strive to make rooms 42 & 43 a safe place for all! You will often find Mr. Sanders talking about the history of Santa Rosa or building something for the school garden - typically something that Mrs. King has asked him to make for her! Often you will enter an inclusive space full of smiles and laughter. You will probably bump into a four-legged friend here as well. As both teachers have certified Therapy and Service dogs in their rooms. 


Slater Middle School works hard to make sure all students feel part of the school community. This is fostered by the amazing support of the Slater administration and staff. Mrs. King not only is an ESN teacher but also the Activities Director. This means you can count on our students being at the center of all things related to school spirit!

Meet the Team

Come visit us.

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