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We understand the challenges of navigating the world of special education. We strive to build strong bonds with our families. We wish to build a trusting and respectful relationship with each of our families. 

Join our ESN PTO

This is a brand-new idea! We need your help! 


If you are interested in helping us spearhead our ESN PTO please contact us. 


ESN Wish List

Over the years, we have received many unique and thoughtful gifts from students and families. The kindness and generosity have always been greatly appreciated each year.

Each year, we spend our own money on our classrooms; purchasing new books, materials for color printing, classroom décor, school supplies, materials for special projects, rewards and more.


We spend the money because we LOVE teaching and want the BEST classroom for our students. We want a classroom that students and we BOTH love being in! After all, it’s our home away from home! :)


we hope our efforts to create a cozy and inviting space for learning are evident!

This year, IF you are thinking of purchasing a gift for us, please consider one of the following ideas that are linked below.

What We Do

Our services include a community-based program designed to teach those skills necessary for each student to actively participate in home and community settings. 


Each student has an individualized educational program (IEP) developed collaboratively with staff, family, and involved agencies. 

We are devoted to offering a positive, challenging, and functional education to all of our students in the least restrictive environment. At the heart of our educational philosophy are encouragement, compassion, and respect, which enable each student to become as independent as possible.

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