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ESN Program Curriculum


Our structured program is designed to teach students with special learning needs the skills they need to effectively express themselves and understand the communication of others, using verbal and nonverbal methods

Communication within our ESN Program

Communication refers to the various ways in which students with disabilities or special learning needs can express themselves and understand the communication of others. This can include verbal communication, such as speaking or signing, as well as nonverbal communication, such as gestures, facial expressions, and body language.

Communication may also include the use of assistive devices or technologies, such as augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems, to support students in expressing their needs and wants, if it is an IEP team decision an AAC device is an appropriate tool. 


Within our ESN Program, the goal is to help students develop their communication skills to the greatest extent possible so that they can participate fully in their educational and community experiences and interact effectively with others.

Speech Language Pathologists provide therapy either directly, in groups, or as part of our Collaboration process with students to help them develop and improve their communication and pragmatic skills through therapy sessions. 

Our SLPs often work as part of a team of educational professionals and may collaborate with physicians, nurses, teachers, and other specialists to provide comprehensive care to their students.

What this looks like across grade levels...



TK - 6th Grade

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Middle School


7 & 8th 

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High School


9 - 12th

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